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Fee Schedule (effective 1/1/2017)
Deposited Check Return $5.00 Per Item
Non-Sufficient Fund ATM, ACH, CK, ECM $35.00 Per Item
*Incoming Wire Transfer $10.00 Per Item
*Outgoing Wire Transfer $17.50 Per Item
*Certified Check $10.00 Per Item
*Money Order $4.00 Per Item
*Checks Issued or Mailed $5.00 Per Check
*Check Cashing Fee, if no S8, S18, S28 1%/$10.00 Per Check
*Account History Printout $3.50 Per Item
*Statement Copies $3.50 Per Statement
*Collection Items $10.00 Per Item
*Phone Inquires (Balances, etc) $3.50 Per Inquiry
Inactivity Fee (after 1 yr inactivity) $9.95 Per Quarter
Excessive Withdrawal Fees (S1) $7.50 After 8th WD
*Stop Payment on Check, ACH $35.00 Per Order
Account Research (1 hour minimum) $25.00 Per Hour
Close S1 within 90 Days of Opening $35.00 On Closing
S1 under $5 with no other services $5.00 Per Incident
Inquiry at Foreign ATM $0.50 Per Inquiry
Replacement Debit Card $15.00 Per Card
ECM by Phone $15.00 Per Payment
ECM by Web $10.00 Per Payment
Mail Returned Fee $7.50 Per Month
Mailed Receipt Fee $2.00 Per Mailing
Safe Deposit Late Payment Fee $15.00 Per Incident
Garnishment Fee $40.00 Per Incident
Checking (S8, S18, S28) & Money Market (S9) Fees
Overdraft Transfer From Shares $5.00 Per Transfer
Privilege Pay Overdraft Protection $30.00 Per Transfer
**Copy of a Paid Item $3.50 Per Copy
Temporary Check Issued $5.00 Per Sheet of 4
Check Reorder by Phone $5.00 Per Order
Monthly Service Fee (S8) $9.50 Per Month
Reopen Checking with New Account # $25.00 Per Item
Service Fee After First 10 Items (S18) $1.00 Per Item

*Accounts with an average deposit cumulative balance in excess of $5,000 or with an S28 Direct Deposit Checking Account are exempt from or pay a reduced fee.

**Members are entitled to a free copy of three paid items in each statement period.