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Fraud Check Warning!

*UPDATE* We have now received information our checks are being used for another "Secret Shopper" scam from Ardent Service Inc Survey Program

The letter will look like this:

And the check looks like this:

If you receive any checks or letters like this, please give us a call to report it at 800-248-2328, then press option 1 for Membership.


We have received a number of fradulent checks from across the country. The checks are being sent as part of a package as a "Secret Shopper" scam.

At least one letter we have received was sent from:

56 Old Hickory Trail
Hendersonville, NC 28739

The letter looks like this:
Fraudulent Letter

The receipient is told to deposit the check to their bank, then purchase gift cards. The recepient then scratches off the back of the gift cards and texts a picture to the scammers.

The checks look like this:
Fraudulent Check 1

Fraudulent Check 2

These checks look nothing like our official checks. All of the fraudulent checks have the Lubbock, TX address, are in the 400xxx series, and mention "Ref: LOAN" on them. 

If you receive one of these fraudulent checks, please contact us as soon as possible at 800-248-2328, then press option 1 for Membership.