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7 Ways to Cut Back on Amazon Spending

It’s so easy to overspend on Amazon! But, short of giving up the most popular online marketplace in the world, how can you cut back on your Amazon spending?

It’s easier than you think! With the right tools and information, you can learn to spend less on the giant online marketplace and get your budget back on track. Here are seven ways to cut back on Amazon spending.

Use the wish list to delay purchases

Get into the habit of placing must-haves on your Amazon wish list instead of choosing the “Buy Now” option or even moving the item into your cart. This way, you’ll have more time to rethink the purchase and decide if you really want to buy it.

Take “Amazon” out of your budget

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, you may have given the online market a prominent place in your budget–but you’re much better off not doing so at all. Having an expense category marked “Amazon” only makes it harder to hold back from overspending. Instead, make sure each purchase you complete on Amazon can neatly fit inside another expense category, such as clothing or food.

Consider “Subscribe and Save” for essentials

For everyday items that you frequently buy, Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program can be a money-saving marvel. This service offers discounts and convenient deliveries on a schedule you choose. Just make sure you use it for essentials only.

Turn off 1-Click

Amazon’s 1-Click feature may be super-convenient, but it also makes it super-easy to overspend. Remove the temptation to impulse-buy by turning off the feature. Just go to the Purchase Preferences page under Settings in your account and choose to disable 1-Click buying.

Consider alternatives

Amazon remains the most popular online marketplace in the world, but Walmart Plus is quickly becoming a formidable competitor.

Here’s how the two match up:

Features Amazon Prime Walmart Plus
Monthly Fee $14.99 $12.95
Annual Fee $139 $98
Free Shipping Yes Yes
Streaming Privileges Exclusive Amazon Prime streaming Paramount Plus subscription
Free Trial 30 days 30 days
Grocery Delivery $150 minimum $35 minimum
Additional Perks Free cloud storage, release-day delivery, prescription discounts Gas discounts, shopping rewards, from-home returns


Take some time to review the features in each plan to ensure you are making the right choice for your needs. You may also decide you don’t need any of these subscriptions at all. Keep in mind that the average Prime member tends to spend far more on Amazon than nonmembers, likely in an effort to justify the subscription price.

Comparison shop

Before making a purchase on Amazon, do a quick online search to see if you can find the same item at a better deal from another vendor.

Use tracking tools

Prices on Amazon are known to fluctuate. To capitalize on these fluctuations and grab the best deals, consider using price tracking tools or browser extensions. These will alert you when the price of a product you’re interested in drops.

Use the tips outlined here to curb your Amazon spending.

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