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Voice Response is now CUTalk!

If you currently use Voice Response to access your account, a few things will be changing after April 4, 2022! Voice Response is receiving an upgrade and is now CUTalk. This will continue to be a free service to our members!

Here's how to log in:

• Call 800-860-5704
• Each time you call you will be asked for a 3-digit access code
• Enter 884#
Next, enter your member number, then your 4-digit PIN
     - The first time you call, the 4-digit PIN will be the last 4 of the primary owner's SSN.
     - Once entered, you will be asked to set a new 4-digit PIN.

If you need any help setting up the new CUTalk after April 4, 2022, give us a call:

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